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What is a Will?

Simply, a Will is a legal document stating what you would like to happen to your assets when you pass.

Why Do I Need a Will?

Dying without a Will can have serious consequences for your family. Once you are have passed you will not be able to choose your beneficiaries. The disposition of your estate will follow standard rules created by the government, which might not be what you would have chosen. Unnecessary probate taxes may be levied against your estate, leaving a harsh burden for your children.

Aside from probate taxes, a Will helps to ensure that your estate is distributed as you wish, that your children will have the care and resources they need, and that your death doesn’t create a legal and administrative burden to your family.

When Should I Get a Will?

It is never too soon to have a plan in place for your assets and for your family. You have worked hard to build the life you have, and you should protect your investments from probate and probate taxes by ensuring that you have established a testamentary Will. If you have minor children, you should immediately take steps to establish a Will that provides for their care in your absence.

At Kalfa Law, our estate lawyers will engage in an in-depth discussion with you regarding your family, your assets and your estate plan. We will assist in selecting the most suitable executor, ensuring your beneficiaries receive what you have granted to them and choosing capable guardians who will be responsible for raising minor children.

Need a Will? We’re here to help ™.


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