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At Kalfa Law, we administer both institutional and private mortgages.

Institutional Mortgages (Major Financial Institutions)

Institutional mortgages from a recognized A, B or C lender require us to act for both the purchaser and for the mortgage lender. We gather the requisite documentation, review the mortgage disclosure statement and prepare the charge for registration on title. We meet with you to review the terms of your mortgage and ensure you understand what you are signing.

Private Mortgages

Private mortgages require far more paperwork than institutional mortgages and we must act for only the borrower (purchaser) or the private lender, but not both. Private syndicated mortgages are more common in recent years, where tranches of private lenders group together to loan funds to a borrower.

Why Kalfa Law

Whether the mortgage is private or institutional and whether the property is residential or commercial, mortgagees act as lenders to fund the purchase price. In exchange, we must register the charge on title to secure the payment of the principal loan.

Mortgages can be complex, as no two mortgages are the same. The voluminous number of financing products on the market require experienced counsel familiar with various products and loan requirements. Whether this is your first mortgage, or your second or third mortgage, Kalfa Law will guide you through the mortgage process, read the fine print, and ensure the process is quick, effective and intelligible.

Mortgaging a property? We’re here to help ™.


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