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Purchasing a Property

Whether it is a house, condominium, cottage or income property, most people will find that buying property is the most significant purchase and investment they will undertake during their lifetime.

This is particularly true when you are a first-time homebuyer. Buying your first home or condominium can be an exciting and positive, but overwhelming experience.

We’re Here to Help

We’ll guide you through the purchase of your first home, and we’ll also ensure you take advantage of the three distinct tax credit opportunities: (1) HBTC First Time Home Buyers Tax Credit for a tax credit of $750.00 (2) HBP Home Buyers Plan which allows you to withdraw up to $25,000 from your RRSP tax free for the purchase of your first home and (3) LTT Refund which refunds a portion of your land transfer tax up to $4,000 for LTT and $3,725 for MLTT.

Why Kalfa Law

Whether it’s your first home or you are a seasoned home buyer, at Kalfa Law, we take the time to explain each step of the transaction in detail. Unlike other law firms, you speak with our lawyers and not our law clerks. We’re here to assist you and ease the purchase process so that you are informed, comfortable and confident with your purchase.

At Kalfa Law, we seamlessly and efficiently process your transaction to ensure your closing occurs on time and without additional expense. We also discuss value-added tax planning opportunities in relation to your real property holdings.

Buying a Property? We’re here to help™


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