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Refinancing Your Home

Whether you are in need of refinancing your home to reduce monthly payments, gain lower interest rates, fund a large project, borrow a large sum of money, or simply change mortgage providers, we ensure the process is quick, smooth and effective.

The refinancing process requires title searches and reviews, the purchase of title insurance, transferring of funds and the preparation, review and signing of closing documents. Whether you are refinancing from an institutional mortgagee or a private lender, we handle all documentation required to refinance your mortgage, discharge the existing mortgage and register the new charge on title to your property.

Why Kalfa Law

At Kalfa law, our real estate lawyers provide much-needed guidance for clients taking out their second or third mortgage, transferring a mortgage or refinancing. With years of experience in commercial law, our lawyers have the knowledge and tools to ensure your refinance is administered without a hitch so you can quickly and efficiently obtain the cash you need.

Refinancing your home? We’re here to help ™.


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