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At Kalfa Law, we handle your purchase, sale, title transfer, mortgage or refinance of your real property. For most people, purchasing a house is the single most important and most expensive transaction that will occur in their life. For this reason it is imperative you retain strong counsel to handle your real estate transaction to ensure that you take good unencumbered title and that your primary asset is protected.

Why Kalfa Law

Whether you are buying or selling a property, we can advise on the estate planning tips that can minimize your tax obligations. Will this be your principal residence subject to the capital gains exemption? Are you using funds drawn from your RRSP? With the federal government’s Home Buyers’ Plan, you can use up to $25,000 of your RRSP savings ($50,000 for a couple) to help finance your down payment on a home. If your spouse currently owns your existing property, consider having the other spouse purchase your next property to take advantage of this excellent tax saving opportunity. Will your property be income producing? Have you considered the advantages of owning your commercial or income property through a corporation? If your corporation is actively engaged in managing property, the income it generates can qualify as Active Business Income such that the sale shares of your realty corporation can be entitled to the capital gains exemption allowing you to shelter $848,252.00 in otherwise taxable capital gains on the eventual sale of the property.

At Kalfa Law, we seamlessly and efficiently process your transaction to ensure your closing occurs on time and without additional expense. We also discuss added value tax planning opportunities in relation to your real property holdings. We’ve got you covered. Our lawyers and clerks will meet with you, guide you through the real estate purchase or sale process and answer all of your questions along the way. Contact us today for more information on our Real Estate services.


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